Khang Chi Tanan Khamphir Chingchok Ep.24 End | Korea Series Thai dubbing

Khang Chi Tanan Khamphir Chingchok Ep.24 End | Korea Series Thai dubbing

{file}=dub {episode}=Ep 24 จบ {type}=Drama {end}
Choi Kang-Chi ( Lee Seung-Gi) is incredible gumiho that is half human and half creature. He battles to carry on with his life as a human and furthermore falls head over heels.


Website optimization Hwa (Lee Yeon-Hee) is the little girl of an honorable family, however her dad is marked a trickster by Jo Gwan-Woong (Lee Sung-Jae) and decapitated before her. A while later, Website optimization Hwa and her more youthful sibling Jung-Yoon (Lee Da-Mind) are given over to a gisaeng house. Web optimization Hwa will not turn into a gisaeng or go into the house. She is then attached to a tree for 3 days prior to dropping from weariness.

In the mean time, Koo Wol-Ryung (Choi Jin-Hyeok) is a soul defender of Jiri Mountain and has everlasting life. Koo Wol-Ryung is likewise brimming with interest and meanders around the human world. At some point, he sees Web optimization Hwa attached to a tree by the gisaeng home and becomes inspired by her.

Web optimization Hwa can't watch her more youthful sibling being beaten as a result of her. She at last surrenders and consents to turn into a gisaeng. She then, at that point, learns she should go through the night with the man that killed her dad. With the assistance of her worker, Website design enhancement Hwa escapes into the mountain with her more youthful sibling, however they become isolated. Search engine optimization Hwa is saved by Koo Wol-Ryung, however her more youthful sibling is gotten by a slave tracker.

Website optimization Hwa awakens before Koo Wol-Ryung. They partake in their days together and fall head over heels. Koo Wol-Ryung chooses to become human to accompany her. For Koo Wol-Ryung to become human, he should cease from aiding individuals, eating meat and concealing his genuine appearance for 100 days.

11 days left before Koo Wol-Ryung becomes human, Website optimization Hwa is gotten by warriors and escapes from them. Misfortune happens, yet Website design enhancement Hwa in the end brings forth a child fathered by Koo Wol-Ryung. The child is subsequently found drifting in a bin along a waterway. One of the honorable men names the child Choi Kang-Chil.

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